Top Online WWE Betting Sites of 2018

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WWE betting?

Unlike other sports, WWE is pure entertainment and scripted. These are not legitimate contests. World Wrestling Entertainment is a privately controlled American entertainment company. It has just recently caught the interest of online bookmakers worldwide as an avenue for betting. The reason behind this is that even though the winner of a wrestling contest is predetermined, this information is known only to a few people who guard it carefully. So there is still the chance of guessing the outcome.

There are over 500 wrestling events in a year which allow you to bet and win. The 24/7 streaming network, set up by the WWE company, provides online subscription and viewing of the past and present WWE shows. There are pay-per-view options too. With the live matches streamed on your computer screen, you can easily bet while it is in-play.

This professional wrestling promotion centres on the rise and fall of champions. The fate of the champions is decided by the writers. The trick is to follow the script pattern and predict the outcome. A WWE contest is not a simple wrestling match where one competitor pins the other to the ground for a count of three. It is sports entertainment, so it is better to expect the unexpected.

Wrestlers tend to show up at someone else’s contest and try to win that match or they are found to be cheating. All this is predetermined but the audience does not know it so it is a good opportunity for the bookmakers to offer prop bets which require you to predict such unusual occurrences in a match. At the end of the season however, there is a definite winner just like in any other sport.

Why you should go for WWE betting

There is a chance of earning a lot of money because the winner is not known beforehand. The fun of betting is another reason why you should go for WWE betting. It is so much more entertaining to watch an exciting wrestling match when your money is on the line. Your involvement in the match increases. The risk is limited too because the online bookmakers usually set limits on the amount of money that you can bet on a match. The chances of losing a lot of money are not there. So it is a good option for those who are not willing to take a lot of risk.

WWE betting tips

There are a few ways in which you can guess the outcome of a match correctly most of the time. WWE is different than other sports because you do not need to take the skills of the competitors into consideration as the results are predetermined. Anybody can win. Instead, you need to focus on the script pattern. You should check how the wrestlers were treated in the past seasons. The wrestler that you are willing to put your money on needs to be favoured by the writers. Only then does that wrestler have a chance of winning. Also, the surprises used by the writers in the past have to be looked at so that you can take advantage of the prop bets too.

You need to keep track of the tendencies of the writers and not the participants. That is the key to winning a WWE bet. However much the writers try to make the script appear random, there is always an underlying pattern or bias towards certain wrestlers. You need to observe the matches closely to get a clue as to who has a better chance of winning that particular season. The aim of a WWE match is to entertain which is why when a match is going on, you should think in terms of which outcome would be more exciting and bet on it and eliminate the outcome which seems to be boring. This way of thinking can also prepare you to expect the unexpected which is actually what happens in a WWE match.

Types of WWE betting

The most common bet is the straight bet in which you need to predict the winner outright. It may be the winner of a match, tournament or season. Predicting the first-time winner of a match in case a wrestler has never won a match before, is a type of betting which can fetch you good returns if the wrestler wins the match. Another prop bet is the one in which you need to bet on the wrestler who you think will spend the longest time in the ring.

There is the option of guessing who will be the first wrestler to appear on a show first. This wrestler can be a female wrestler or a retired wrestler or even a UFC fighter. If your prediction comes true, you win the bet and take home a lot of money.

A popular prop bet is the Bout Outcome in which you have to predict the way in which a wrestler will win. It can be through scoring points or due to disqualification. The first type is called a clean finish because there is no cheating or interference. The second type is known as a dirty finish because it involves a lot of shenanigans and disqualification. In a bout involving many wrestlers, you can wager on which wrestler will eliminate the maximum number of contestants.

Famous WWE championships

There are mainly three types of WWE TV shows. They are the Monday Night Raw, SmackDown and NXT. The Raw program has five different championships under it like the WWE Universal Champion, United States Champion, Raw Women’s Champion, Cruiserweight Champion and Raw Tag Team Champion.

SmackDown too has four championships like the WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, SmackDown Women’s Champion and SmackDown Tag Team Champion.

The NXT brand has similar championships. However, it has a separate championship for UK wrestlers. With so many championships to choose from and bet on, you need a good betting site to put your money on stake. There are many online sports betting sites which provide betting offers. At Betting Offers Today, you get the best betting sites to choose from.