Top Online Tennis Betting Sites of 2018

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What are the different strategies for betting on tennis?

Even though the majority of betters in the UK wager on football and horse races, there are sports like tennis which also offer many opportunities for punters to make a profit. All year round there are so many high-profile tournaments taking place across the world. Such as the 2017 Wimbledon tournament which saw Roger Federer winning his eighth Wimbledon Grand Slam title and Garbine Muguruza winning her maiden Wimbledon Grand Slam title.

The US Open is going to start soon, and tournaments like these happen every year. It is a great opportunity for betters to plan and place their tennis betting stakes. Tennis is a game in which it is not possible to predict who is going to win the tournament outright. Many times, the experienced players get defeated in the first round and the underdogs take away the title. Therefore, it is very important to make a betting strategy before placing bets on tennis matches.

The different matches that are good for tennis betting

There are four main Grand Slams that take place every year. These are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. These are the tournaments which every player wants to win. The ranking points gained through these matches provide the players various opportunities and exemptions in the World Tour Finals. These are game changers. After this, there are the Masters 1000 series of matches. The players can decide to participate in these games based on the ranking points and prize money offered. Place the right bet on tennis and you could win big!

The ATP and WTA tours matches that take place all through the season are a good opportunity for the players to earn titles even though the ranking and prize money offered are much less. These can be termed as practice matches for the players who can get in form by warming up in these matches. Such matches should be observed carefully by the punters to check out which player looks stronger and has a higher chance of winning the grand slams.

Tennis betting strategies

– You should keep track of the previous season. If a player has to defend the previous year’s score to be seeded for the grand slam, he or she is likely to be more motivated. Certain players are more comfortable playing on specific surfaces. You should check out which player was comfortable on which surface by looking at last year’s results. These matches also give you an opportunity to observe the head-to-head results of the players. It is possible that history may repeat itself. Once you have all this information, you can decide which players to bet on and start making profits from your deposited money.

– The schedules of players should be checked. Usually, the top players do not perform well in the 250 and 500 events because they are either tired after playing a grand slam or they are gearing up for a more important match. These smaller events are a great platform to look out for unseeded sharks who could be very promising and have the motivation for winning bigger titles. The odds of them winning are very high and you can make a good profit by betting on them.

– You should not place large bets on sets. It is very difficult to predict who is going to win the set because there are so many sudden changes in the sets and the match constantly swings in favour of one or the other player. You can obtain good value for your money because the stakes are high but you should bet within a limit so you don’t lose much if your bet happens to fail.

More tennis betting strategies

– Handicap bets are a good way of making a lot of profit. However, these bets should be placed on those players who have a strong serve or have not lost many matches in that particular season because they are more likely to cover the handicap in a few games and help you to earn a good profit. Handicap bets are a good option even in close games where you cannot decide which player is going to win ultimately. Such bets can act as saviours because you will win something if your player covers the handicap and there are good chances of this happening.

– Guessing the quarter winner is an effective way of betting because you can follow the matches and know who is going to face who in the quarters. Once you know the players, you can predict the winner by looking at the form of the players and winning stats. The player who seems to have more chances of winning is a safe option to bet on.

– The option of betting on number of games per set, is also available. If the match seems to be one sided, then the total games are more likely to be on the lower side. If both the players are on form, then tie breakers are possible which can lead to more number of matches. Therefore, you can bet on a higher total and increase your chances of winning.

Some tips for winning bets

There are so many betting sites available. You need to choose wisely and go for the one which offers you the best bets. We provide you with all the major betting sites on this platform for tennis betting. You can find the best online bookmaker using our website for any kind of bet. Sports betting makes an already interesting match more exciting because there is money at stake. However, it is better to compare betting sites before choosing one. There are many betting offers that try to entice you but only place large bets when there is a chance of winning.

The extensive statistics available on players and their performances can help you to make an informed decision even if you are a novice. Treating betting as a profession is a clever way of not falling into the trap of making mistakes and becoming greedy. These are some ways in which you can get more chances of winning and make online sports betting a profitable source of income for yourself.