Top Online Snooker Betting Sites of 2018

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Would you like snooker betting?

Snooker betting is very popular, snooker is a sport with an Indian origin. It was brought to England by the British returning from the Asian country. The game is played on a rectangular table covered with baize that includes a pocket at each corner of the table and one on each side at halfway. The game uses a cue and 22 coloured balls.

The main ball is the white one which has to be struck in order to move the other balls into the pockets in the correct sequence to score points. A snooker game is called a frame. A player wins a frame when he or she scores the maximum points and the whole match is won when a player wins a predetermined number of frames.

World Snooker Championship is the biggest annual platform for snooker players across the globe. The UK Championship is the next in line and is the second most important ranking event in the game of snooker. The Masters is also the third in importance and is played by the top-16 snooker players only.

There are eight other ranking championships all over the world which are a testimony to the rising popularity of snooker. The Players Tour Championship events offer a good playing experience to the players as well.

Snooker is on the rise

Snooker is no longer a dying game. It is gaining recognition everywhere as a game of mental endurance and sharpness. There are plenty of opportunities to place online bets on snooker matches because the televised versions of the major matches that are available; making it possible for punters to observe and place bets.

Types of snooker betting

The outright bet requires you to predict the winner of a tournament beforehand. You can also predict on two players who are going to reach the quarter-final round. These bets are to be placed before the tournament begins. However, some bookmakers also allow you to place such bets after the matches begin. This gives you a fair idea as to who is in form and more likely to proceed in the tournament.

Snooker matches to bet on

There are bets on matches as well. You can guess the correct score of a frame or a match and place bets on it. You can also go for handicap betting if you are sure that the player you are betting on has the ability to cover the handicap and score more than it. Frame betting is possible where you can predict who is going to win a frame. The total number of frames that a player is going to win can be guessed and if the figure turns out to be right, you make a good profit. The total consecutive points that a player can get during one visit to the table is called a break.

The highest break points that can be earned in a frame are 155 which is called the super maximum and below it is 147 which is termed as the maximum. You can bet on the highest break that a player is going to earn. You can also bet on the number of centuries that a player will be able to secure in a frame or a match.

How to bet successfully on snooker?

There are so many types of snooker betting, but when you decide which way you want to bet, you should check out the online bookmaker who is offering you the best odds. If you are looking for new bookmakers you should see who is offering the best value for your money. There are plenty of betting sites available which offer all kinds of bonuses and new customer betting offers. You could sign up to multiple bookmakers and take advantage of various betting offers. All of our bookies offer new sign up bonuses which you can take advantage of.

Best snooker betting sites

At Betting Offers Today, we provide you with the best betting sites available in the UK, so you can compare betting sites in one place and start your betting experience in the best fashion. Sports betting is a lot of fun, but you must gamble responsibly and make sure you only stake a sum that you can afford financially.

As there are so many snooker events being played all through the year, it is not possible for the top players to remain in the best form throughout. You should not bet on the top players all the time without looking at the form of a player which varies with every match. Sometimes, a player may lose due to lack of practice or interest. All these factors should be considered before betting on a player.

Snooker betting info

Gathering information on the players by observing the qualifier matches or the performance of players at the small events is a desirable choice if you want to reduce the risk of betting on them. These matches can give you a clever idea about which player is more likely to win the majors.

Different players are comfortable in different formats. Some players are good at handling the 5 frame matches and some have the mental strength of playing 25 frames or more. You should check out which style suits which player before placing a bet.

Popular snooker matches

Some matches are more popular for betting than the final match because of the players involved. The players who are not able to reach even 50 break points are supposed to be out of form. If they start scoring break points early in the match, then they are safe bets for the highest break mark. There are players who score points based on tactics and maintain a high ranking. You should be able to distinguish between the unique styles of the players in order to win particular bets.

Making a profit

The snooker betting odds change quite frequently. The odds on the top players are short and the underdogs are given higher odds which are based on the lack of form or players experience. It is better to bet on the underdog to make a good profit. However, the chances of winning should be good in order to take such risk.

Snooker live matches

As snooker betting rises, so does the live events shown on tv, and as you may know when a sport is on tv more people get involved and take interest. When you are betting on snooker it is a good idea to see if the event is shown live on tv, as experienced bettors we at know that betting when watching the live event brings the game to life.

If you dont have access to a tv, then maybe you have your mobile device with you. If you happen to have a mobile device to hand most bookmakers offer a live streaming option. When you join the bookmaker this service will be free of charge. When betting on snooker be sure to sit back and watch the action as you bet. As a result you could end up winning some huge profits and also benefiting from your free bets.