Top Online Rugby Betting Sites of 2018

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What does rugby betting involve?

Rugby is a very different ball game to soccer. It is a famous sport which began in English public schools and is now played all over the world. There are two types of rugby which are known as the two codes of the sport. These are the Rugby league and the Rugby union. You can bet on both these codes of rugby through online sports betting. There are so many tournaments of rugby played such as the Rugby World Cup, Six Nations Championship, The Rugby Championship, Rugby Europe International Championships, World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup, World Rugby Pacific Challenge and Nations Cup.

With so many exciting games going on all through the year, it is very lucrative to plump for rugby betting. The Rugby World Cup Sevens is also a great form of rugby and the tournament takes place every four years.

Things to keep in mind before betting on rugby

Getting excited and putting bets on any game is not the right approach. You need to find the best betting sites online to start your betting process. As there are so many betting sites available, it is imperative to go for the one that offers the best return on a particular bet. It is not necessary that your regular online bookmaker always has the best betting offers. You should always browse through all the offers before settling for one. Sports betting is great when betting for fun but to win big you have to be focused and plan your bets accordingly.

Rugby betting tips

Rugby betting provides plenty of chances for punters to make a profit. However, research is the key to winning bets.

– You should focus on the high-end games rather than the small ones because the odds are high as the competition is greater. You can also choose between domestic or international games. Focusing on a few games can give you a better chance of winning.

– You should be aware of the rules of the competition you are betting on. There are different rules for Rugby union and Rugby league games. Bonus points offered in certain games are significant game changers. You should know about such distinctions before betting on a game.

– You should study the past and present forms of both the teams playing a game so that you know which team has a better chance of winning. The form of the teams can be observed from the previous matches of that particular tournament that they have participated in. Always start your betting after a few matches of a tournament to gain some insights of a team’s form rather than placing a bet on pre-determined thoughts.

– Checking out the previous head-to-head results of the teams can also give you a clue as to which team is more likely to win a match.

– The style of play regarding a team that you are planning to bet on should be carefully observed. You can bet on the playing patterns of the teams. If both the teams play in a similar style, then the betting odds are available at a premium because any team can win the game.

More Rugby betting tips

– You should check out the team players of both the teams and bet on those who are generally more likely to score. If a star player of a team is injured, then the opponent team immediately gets an advantage and has a better chance of winning. This is an important factor in betting.

– The place where the match is being played is a contributor to the morale of a team. If a team is playing on its home ground, the team players are more settled and become confident of winning.

– The weather also plays a key part of the match and is usually a game leveller in rugby because it is an outdoor game. Dry weather allows expansive rugby matches which are free flowing and the backs in the team are generally seen to have the possession of the ball most of the time. In case the conditions are wet and muddy, forward-dominated encounters are more likely to take place.

– You should be confident financially that your stake is right for you before betting. If you are ready to take a risk, only then should you go for premium bets. Long odds are of more value than shorter ones but the profits are greater if you win betting on longer odds. You need to make a decision after judging all the points mentioned above so you are as prepared as you can possibly be before placing a bet.

Some ways of betting on rugby

Rugby betting involves many ways of betting and here are a few of them:

– The outright bets or future bets require you to guess the outcome of a match before it begins. You can simply guess the winning team and if it wins, then you make a profit. This bet is slightly risky when choosing the underdogs and you need to do your research before favouring a team.

– The over and under bets require you to guess whether a team’s score is going to be greater or lesser than a particular number. You can also guess a player’s score in this way.

– There is a method in which you can place large bets on short odds. This is a safe way of betting because you are sure of the outcome and so placing a large bet can bring good returns on your bet.

– You can also put small bets on large odds. This method is opposite to the previous one. You can support the underdog and if that team wins, you can make a huge profit. It is better to place small bets on long odds so that you do not lose much money in the event of your bet failing.

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