Top Online MotoGP Betting Sites of 2018

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Motorcycle racing has a long history. The FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix is the official championship which has been running since 1949. Though motorcycle racing has been overshadowed by Formula One racing, it is slowly gaining popularity as a lucrative avenue for betting. Online bookmakers are offering many markets for motorcycle betting as their coverage of races increases. There are hundreds of races to bet on every year as motorcycle racing has many Grands Prix like Formula One.

The MotoGP motorcycles are specially built for racing purposes and are not available to the general public for use on public roads. The MotoGP championship is divided into three classes – MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. Previously, the motorcycles used for racing were two-stroke bikes. After the advent of the four-stroke bikes, all the three classes of MotoGP started using them instead of the two-stroke bikes.

The motorcycle racing specs

Currently, the MotoGP class uses motorcycles of 1000cc capacity, the Moto2 class uses 600cc bikes and the Moto3 class uses 250cc bikes. As the engine capacity increases, the speed also rises. This makes motorcycle racing a thrilling and exhilarating event. The competition is greater and the odds of winning longer than those of Formula One racing because of the chances of overtaking and moving ahead in the race are always present. The winner becomes difficult to predict due to the extremely competitive nature of the race.

The different MotoGP circuits

There are more than eighteen circuits all over the world where the championship takes place every year. Some of the famous circuits are at Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic and Netherlands. The MotoGP season starts with the Qatar MotoGP. This is a huge race for the viewers and betters because the outright and future bets are placed at this time. The Valencian Community Moto Grand Prix which is held in Spain every year is the last race of the season.

This race ultimately decides the overall championship winner and fans and bookies eagerly wait for it. All three classes of MotoGP races are held at each of these circuits. There are plenty of chances to bet on these races and make money. However, online sports betting should be done after you research to avoid losses.

Types of MotoGP betting

Every sport offers the chance to predict the outright winner. This is the easiest bet but the riskiest too. MotoGP is a very competitive game and anybody can become the winner. You need to pick the race you want to bet on and then find the best online betting site which offers you the best return on your investment. You can also bet on the top three riders. This is called the podium finish bet. However, you need to predict the exact position holders. This increases the risk but the returns are great if you win.

The future bets include the prediction of the overall championship winner even before the season begins. You get the option of placing a wager on occurrence and non-occurrence of certain events. These bets are known as prop bets or novelty bets because they are slightly different than the usual bets. Online bookmakers may set odds on things like the fastest lap time and the racer who accomplishes it and the number of accidents that can take place in a particular race.

Some MotoGP betting tips

There are certain things which should be checked before placing a bet. These things can help you to make informed decisions and can increase your chances of winning. The first thing that you need to check is to know the condition of the circuit. Some riders feel comfortable on specific circuits. Before betting on a rider, you should check the riders previous scores on that particular circuit.

We advise to bet on those riders who are more likely to benefit from that circuit. Like in any outdoor sports event, MotoGP too is subject to the vagaries of weather. If a track is slick and wet with rain, it can bring good results for some riders who have a proper control over their bikes and it can bring negative results for those who cannot handle the adverse conditions.

Top MotoGP betting tips

It is a good idea to always think before betting and check whether you have selected a bet that befits the conditions and form. Sometimes, you can think you have bet on a rider who wins, but later you come to find that you had not actually wagered on the winner. Some Grands Prix offer more ranking points so riders focus more on these races. You should check the standings of particular riders to see who is more likely to perform the best in which Grands Prix.

There are many online betting sites which offer MotoGP betting options. You should shop for a bet which offers you free bets, you can do this by browsing through all the credible betting sites. But, you’ll only have access to the best betting offers with Betting Offers Today. Betting online is a very convenient way of wagering on a race because you get to bet on any race taking place in any part of the world without physically participating in the live action.

Betting sites

Betting Offers Today brings you the best betting sites for MotoGP betting. You can simply go through the list of bets available and decide which one suits your needs best. You can take advantage of the new customer betting offers and bonuses to get some extra value for your money. It is better to change your bookmaker if some other bookie is offering a better bet for the next race. This way you can make the most of your bets. Motorcycle racing is a highly unpredictable sport which does not favour any one rider.

There can be different winners of the Grands Prix in a season which can make it difficult to settle for any one rider. However, this risk increases the excitement of betting. There are separate drivers and constructors’ championships just like Formula One. You can bet on any race and make your experience of watching MotoGP race more rewarding.