Top Online Horse Betting Sites of 2018

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How to win at horse betting?

Horse racing is the second most popular sport in UK after soccer. This sport has a long history. It also generates a lot of money for the British economy. The British love their horses. That is why there are so many horse racing events taking place throughout the country each year. There are the five main races which are the 1000 Guineas, 2000 Guineas, The Oaks, The Epsom Derby and St. Leger. The Grand National, Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Royal Ascot are some of the other major horse racing events of Britain.

The UK has developed most of the horse racing rules and even the method of handicapping has its origin here. Britain is home to some of the world’s oldest and iconic race courses such as: Newmarket, Cheltenham and Ascot. Racehorse gambling is one of the oldest ways of betting.

The two main forms of horse racing in Britain are:

  1. Flat racing – This race does not have any obstacles and the horse needs to run for a distance of five furlongs to two miles and five furlongs.
  2. National Hunt Racing – This race involves jumping over hurdles over two miles and four and a half miles.

Horse betting

The process of online horse betting is similar to the one that takes place physically at the race course. Instead of the racing form, you get to see the stats on websites. These stats provide a horse’s past performance figures on speed and pacing. These two things are very important for the handicapping process. The pace figure shows whether a horse will take lead early in the race or later. The speed figure shows whether a horse has the ability to pass the other horses as it nears the finishing line.

Winning factors in horse racing betting

The distance of a race is also an important factor contributing to a horse’s win. If a horse is unable to race beyond five or six furlongs, then it is not a good bet for the long races. Rain is another factor which needs to be kept in mind. It can make the tracks surface more difficult for the horses to race. Every horse has a specific track surface on which it feels most comfortable to race on. It can be turf or dirt. You need to find out your horse’s preference and then bet on it. Horses are not always in form, however. You should check the form cycle of a horse and guess whether its form is going to improve or deteriorate with time.

The jockey who is riding the horse is a very significant contributor to the performance of a horse. You should check out the performance of the jockey who is going to race the horse. The size of the purse matters in races. If the prize money is big, the participating horses are likely to be thoroughbreds. All of them have a good chance of winning which makes the process of placing bets difficult. However, looking at the past performances of the horses on the same track can give you a fair idea as to which horse is likely to be in the lead right from the beginning.

Different types of bets available

There are so many betting sites offering lucrative bets on horse races. It is important to go for an online bookmaker who has a good reputation. This can be easily determined through the rating given to the bookmaker by the punters on online betting websites. At Betting Offers Today, we offer you the top betting sites to choose from so that you get the best opportunity of winning bets with the highest returns. There are a variety of bets you can place on horse racing.

  1. Win – This requires your horse to come first for you to win the bet.
  2. Place – This bet requires your horse to come either first or second in the race. Only then you win.
  3. Show – Your horse can secure any of the top three positions for you to win the bet.
  4. Quinella – You need to bet on two or three horses at a time to finish first or second. There is no fixed order for this. Any of the horses you bet on can stand first or second for you to win.
  5. Exacta – In this type of bet, you have to bet on only two horses and predict which one will finish first and which one second in the exact order. If your predictions hold true, you will win the bet and take a nice profit.
  6. Trifecta – This bet requires you to bet on three horses. These three horses need to secure the first, second and third positions respectively and with no change in the order so that you can win your bet.
  7. Superfecta – This is the trickiest bet in which you need to select four horses which need to secure the top four positions exactly. This order is unalterable for you to win your bet.

A few more things that you need to keep in mind

You should know the betting odds of your horse before betting. You should place large bets on short odds and small bets on the large odds if you are a risk-averse punter. However, if you love to take a risk, then you should definitely place large bets on the horse with the long odds. This should be done only if you see that the horse is in form and has a chance of becoming a surprise winner. It always helps to do your homework before going for any kind of sports betting. You should only go for the best online betting sites because they are more reliable and give better deals and hence more chances of winning big.

Betting tips and predictions provided on some websites should not be blindly followed. You should check out the form of the horses yourself by going through the past records. Online betting sites make the process of horse betting very easy by displaying all the information on the screen itself. You do not even need to be physically present at a horse race to participate in the betting process.