Top Online Greyhound Betting Sites of 2018

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Why You Should Go For Greyhound Betting

Greyhound racing is similar to horse racing but not as popular because of the glamour and publicity associated with the sport. However, betting on the dogs is a great experience – it brings bundles of fun and excitement. This sport began in the UK and the most prestigious greyhound races take place every year at England, Scotland and Ireland. These are called the derbies just like horse racing derbies.

The sport has seen a fall in popularity over the past few years because of protests from animal welfare groups and the closing of tracks in many places. But it is to be noted that the English derby still offers a prize money of £350,000 to its winner. This is a proof that greyhound racing is still very much alive. It only needs to be given attention like the other popular sports.

Some features of greyhound racing

The greyhound dogs are made to race along a track. There are two types of greyhound racing. The first one is called track racing in which the dogs have to run on an oval track and they are baited to run faster with the help of an artificial lure like a windsock. The second type of greyhound racing is called coursing which requires the dogs to chase a live bait which is generally a rabbit. The winning dog catches the bait and kills it. Greyhound races are short ones because the dogs tire out faster than horses. However, a greyhound is swift enough to run at a speed of more than 64 kilometres per hour.

Greyhound betting tips

You should not focus on the favourites or the underdogs only while betting. There are plenty of greyhounds who are worth betting on because of the value placed on them. If you are unsure of which dog to bet on, then you should check out the starting prices of the dogs set by the different bookies. As these bookmakers are very experienced in sports betting, you can rely on them to guide you as to which dog is more favoured in a particular race.

You should also check the age of the greyhound you are planning to bet on because a racing dog generally has a racing life of just two years. If a dog is old and tired, it is not a good bet. You should go for the dogs who have run a few races so that you know about their racing history and form. You should avoid placing bets on dogs who show only spurts of good form.

A straight or outright bet is the simplest but the riskiest one. However, the level of risk can be reduced if you bet after making a proper study of the participating dogs.

Odds for greyhound bets

If a greyhound’s value suddenly increases, the odds become shorter just before the race. This means that the dog has high chances of winning. You should look for such opportunities to place your bets. Dogs that have recently participated in races are more likely to be in form because of the practice and they are a better bet than the ones who have not raced for a long time.

The race grade should be checked. If a dog is winning consistently, then the chances of going up in the ranks as well as the grades is very probable. As the race grade increases, the dog has to face a stronger competition. Therefore, you should not place a bet on a dog who has won its previous race thinking that it will win the next one too.

More greyhound betting tips

The trap of the dog is an important contributor to its performance. Some dogs are seen to perform better if they are placed in a particular trap. If their traps are changed, their performance can slip. Dogs perform better if they feel comfortable with the track. Not all dogs can run on all tracks, however. You can check whether the dog you are planning to bet on is good at racing on that particular track or not by reading the form and where they’ve previous raced.

Open races include dogs from different classes and handicap races include dogs of the same class but of different abilities. In the second type of race, the punter favours the stronger dog and places a handicap bet on it because the dog has the ability to cover the handicap and score above the handicap figure.

Top tips for picking your dogs

The recent form of a dog should be analysed. If the dog has not been in form during the past few races, then it has the chance of improving its performance and moving up the ranks. The dog who has been performing at a good level consistently is believed to have reached its level. Such a dog is not likely to move beyond that level and win a race at higher levels.

The common way to bet on greyhounds is a win betting which requires you to guess the winner outright. However, the odds are generally less because races come thick and fast at meetings. There are plenty of chances of winning such small bets. If you are looking for a greater value on your bet, you can go for either the forecast or the tricast method. These are similar to the horse betting methods. The straight forecast requires you to predict the first and second placed dogs in the exact order. The dual forecast method requires you to choose the top two dogs without the necessity of predicting their order. In a straight tricast, you need to guess the top three greyhounds in the exact order whereas in a simple tricast you need to choose the top three dogs without guessing that order.

Greyhound betting sites

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