Top Online Golf Betting Sites of 2018

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Golf Betting – what does it involve?

Golf is an interesting club and ball game which constantly throws up new winners because of the many challenges it offers. The game is so unpredictable because the players have to cope with different terrains, undulations and the weather. There are plenty of obstacles to make the task of winning even more difficult. Golf is considered to be a game for the elite, however, it is played all over the world. There are four main golf championships like in tennis.

Golf major tournaments

The Masters is the first major golf tournament to be played in the year. The next one is the U.S Open which is followed by the British Open and the PGA Tour events. These four tournaments attract the attention of most punters worldwide. Except the British Open, the other three major tournaments take place in America.

The Masters takes place at the Augusta National Golf Club every year whereas the other championships change their locations annually. The European and the PGA Tours provide tests and tournaments throughout the year. There are so many chances of betting because of the huge number of players in every tournament. The more competition, the higher the odds: place your bets and win and you could be in for a big return.

Jordan Spieth won the British Open in 2017 which makes him a favourite for the next PGA Tour event. The endless opportunities that golf offers for betting should be utilised to make profits; but studying the game is a great way of winning bets consistently.

Understanding the game

The main idea behind golf is to put the ball in the hole using the least number of shots. This is called the stroke play, and the person with the lowest total score at the end of one round is considered to be the winner. Match play is another form of golf in which the two players contest against each other and the person who scores the lowest wins the game. If the score gets tied, the person who wins most number of holes becomes the winner. Choose your winner and get betting on golf.

Golf courses

The golf course either consists of nine or eighteen holes. A round consists of playing all the eighteen holes – therefore, in a nine holes golf course the player has to play the course twice. The golf course is made up of different parts. The tee box is the place from where the player starts the match. The ball can be struck using a tee or a mound of sand to give the ball increased elevation. The first shot is called a drive because the ball normally needs to cover a long distance.

There are water hazards to stop the ball from reaching the hole as well as longer grass – known as the rough – and sand bunkers that serve as obstacles. The player is allowed to strike the balls as many times they want in order to put the ball into the hole. However, the lower number of strikes means a better score.

Different Golf betting strategies

There are different markets for each golf event. The main market is the winner which requires you to predict the outright victor of the tournament before it begins. There are also the top five and top ten finish markets where you have to guess the top players. The victory margin is another thing you can bet on. You get the chance of betting on first round winners.

A golf tournament is a four-day event and the first two days are stroke play games carried out in groups of three because of the considerable number of players involved. These games eliminate more than half of the players and the remaining players participate in two-ball group games. You can guess the outcome of each group game by betting on it.

The back and lay method can be applied to golf as well. You can back a few players who you think will progress to the next round. You can also go for some lay bets to secure a profit in case one of your back bets not working out.

Things you can focus on while betting

The most important factor in betting is to know the player you are betting on. There are a range of stats available which you can check out before betting. The driving accuracy of the player is the number of times a player is able to strike the ball to hit the fairway in the first shot. Such a player is more reliable for stroke betting.

The driving distance is the number of yards covered from the tee. This also indicates the strength of the player. The putting average of a player should be checked; the lower the number of putts per green, the better it is for the player.

The golf course determines the performance of a player. If the previous stats indicate that the top ten players were ranked because of their driving distance, it means that the course is a long one with wide fairways and less obstacles. If the players are ranked because of their driving accuracy, it indicates that finding fairways is the key to winning. You should do your betting accordingly.

Online golf betting

Online sports betting is a very volatile process if you bet without planning. There are different online bookmakers who give various betting offers. You should check out all the major betting sites and gauge for yourself as to which bookmaker is offering a better value for each bet. The bonuses and new customer betting offers should also be considered to make a good gain on a bet. You can find the top betting sites on Betting Offers Today.

There are often shock winners in golf games. You should not bet only on the top players because the game can change any time. Golf betting on young and promising players brings a chance of winning because they are currently in form can be preferable as such bets can fetch you a lot of money. Golf betting offers many opportunities to place bets, but winning them requires attention to detail.