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Make money by betting on Formula One races

The Formula One World Championship is the biggest single-seat motorcar race on the planet. The term ‘formula’ refers to a set of rules which all participating racers need to conform to. The car race is the most exciting event which has several versions in the form of the various Grands Prix. The races are raced on special F1 circuits which are purpose-built but sometimes these races also incorporate public roads.

The F1 racing cars are the fastest of their kind in the world because of their lightning speed which is achieved with the help of aerodynamics. Formula 1 betting is a favourite among punters because of the intense excitement that the game generates. Formula One is a multi-billion pound sport with an unbelievable following all over the world.

It generates a lot of interest because it offers many opportunities to bet for car race lovers. Formula One is a very exciting race which can take you to the edge your seat with its terrifying speed and thrill. If you put a bet on a race, then the excitement gets doubled.

Formula One races

Each Grand Prix is a three-day event. On Friday and Saturday, the drivers are given free practice sessions and on Saturday itself, the qualifying session takes place. Those who qualify in this round are sent to the final on Sunday. The qualifying session takes place in three stages. Every stage takes about ten minutes to complete.

At the end of the first two stages, the seven lowest scorers are eliminated so that only ten of the twenty-four racers go to the third stage to battle it out for the prominent starting positions in the final race which is to be held on the Sunday. There are as many as 20 such Grands Prix that take place all over the world in a year. The most famous Grands Prix include those taking place in Monaco, Russia, Singapore, United States, Spain, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Britain.

Formula 1 betting

The most popular Formula One betting markets are overall qualifiers of a Grand Prix, winner of the Grand Prix, fastest lap of the Grand Prix, podium placing in the Grand Prix and the winner of the driver’s championship. There are various things to keep in mind while betting on the F1 races. The fastest qualifiers are not always the winners of the Grands Prix. The driver in the pole position usually has a fifty-fifty chance of winning according to the recent stats. The odds are generally short while betting on the fastest qualifiers because people expect them to win.

However, you should not bet without researching yourself because the stats indicate something different on odd occasions. If you want to bet on the drivers at pole positions, it is better to go for the back and lay method of betting. This method can be your saviour in case your backed bet does not prove to be successful.

There are many reasons why the pole position drivers do not manage to make it until the last half of the time. The major one is the unpredictability of the game which can cause the leading driver to suffer mechanical problems or crashes at any time of the race. Drivers may lose time in race stoppages and time penalties. It is important to study the layout of the track before the race begins.

Formula 1 betting help

This can help you to be better prepared as to where the pits and safety car lines are. This information is necessary to judge the timing of a driver and for betting in-play. You should also check the reliability statistics of a pole position driver to check how many times the driver has won a race in that position. This can help you to predict the winner outright and you can decide how much money to bet on his win.

You should not believe the tabloids because most of the time they state false information for which they have no backing. Instead, the data related to the drivers and their track records are more reliable. The driver who may have been on pole position in the last Grand Prix may not necessarily win from that same position in the next Grand Prix. Only if the betting odds are high, you should think about betting on that driver.

The bet on the fastest lap should not be placed on the quickest qualifier because the stats once again indicate that the overall qualifier has a very low chance of scoring the fastest lap. In this case also, the bet should be placed only if the betting odds are high. The person in the pole position has the aim of winning the race and may not focus on scoring the fastest lap.

Betting on the F1 qualifier

You can bet on the team mate of the overall qualifier to score the fastest lap because the chances of this happening are high. The reason is that the overall qualifier has a car which is compatible with that particular track. While the pole position driver focuses on winning, the team mate may have a more aggressive stance to get ahead in the race and try to be the fastest.

You can back a high-profile driver who has not been able to secure the pole position because of some mechanical glitches. Such a driver can be expected to improve his position in the final race and fight aggressively to get to the top. It is also better to start betting once the championship has begun. After observing a few races, you can determine who has a better chance of winning.

How to bet?

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