Top Online Football Betting Sites of 2018

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Football betting – The best betting sites

Football betting is a very lucrative way of earning money quickly. However, it is very important to choose the best online sports betting websites before handing your money over to any bookmaker. The reason for this is that there are hundreds of bookmakers out there and you need to choose the one who can offer you the best return on your initial investment. In this sense, comparing betting sites before putting your money at stake is a very good idea. We offer you the chance to find the best bookmaker for your requirements with our wide selection of the UK’s top bookmakers. Football is a game which most of us are familiar with. Therefore, it’s a good place to start your betting career; with a game that you know something about even if you’re a novice.

Football betting tips

There are two types of punters generally, those who bet to win and those who bet for fun. You need to decide what you want to bet on and how much you want to bet. Accordingly, you need to settle on a bookmaker who is offering you what you want. There are plenty of new customer betting offers and sign up bonuses to choose from. Before betting, it is wise to go through all the offers available on the particular football event you want to bet on rather than settling for the first lucrative offer you see. This gives you a chance to know who is offering you the best price on that specific bet. The bookie that you have invested your money with before will not necessarily offer you the best price on every bet. The offers vary with time. So, instead of being loyal to one bookmaker, it is better to change your betting shop in case you could get a more lucrative offer elsewhere.

Research Before Betting

Research is the key to earning a lot of money in a short time. You should not put your money on every football event that comes your way. Focusing on a few of them at a time can help you to get the full details on them and give you a better chance of winning. You should not bet at the beginning of the season or a football league. The reason is that you can know the current form of a particular team only after it has played a few matches. Once you are armed with the information as to which team has more chances of winning, you can safely bet on it. You should focus on both the teams playing in a match so that you are aware of the statistics regarding which team has defeated the other team more number of times in previous leagues. The chances of history repeating itself are very high. Also, the motivation level, status of player injuries and the weaknesses and strengths of a team should be checked before betting.

Important betting tip

The most important betting tip is that you should only bet what you can afford, so that you do not get a huge financial setback if your bet happens to fail. Also, you should bet only when the betting odds are in your favour. You should learn from your mistakes and should try not repeating them. You should not rely on your gut to get you through in football betting. It is the most foolish thing to do and more often than not, people lose money by betting this way.

Football betting strategies

There are many ways of placing bets. There is the option of double chance which allows you to bet on both the outcomes for a particular team. This method is the safest for risk-averse punters. The half-time or full-time betting system is a little riskier because you need to bet on the outcome of a team for both these stages. Head-to-head bets are the most common because you will bet on the outcome of one team. The back and lay strategy means that you back bet on the outcome of a team and you lay bet against your own bet. You can deal with your own bets and win money. The over and under strategy is the one in which you have to guess whether the goals scored will be less or more than a specific number. It is very simple. Bets on last minute goals are a risky but interesting way of betting. Usually the odds are that in the last minute no goal will be scored. However, you can go against the general opinion and bet in favour of a last-minute goal. If the goal is scored, you earn a good profit.

These are just some ways of football betting. You should research them all before choosing a particular strategy. Your strategy depends on the extent of risk you are willing to take and the amount you are willing to stake.

Some things which you need to keep in mind

Online sports betting isn’t always so lucrative. You need to be prepared to lose sometimes because the odds cannot be in your favour for every bet you place. However, to minimise the risk of losing, you should always go on researching the market and take advantage of the offers which give you a financial boost increasing the chance of big winnings. There are many betting sites available online, but you do not need to go anywhere else, we offer the best football betting offers on our platform from the UK’s leading bookmakers for you to choose from. Everyday there are hundreds of matches going on and predictions on their outcomes being made. You should check out the probability of an outcome by doing your own research on the teams as well as following your strategy and sticking to a plan. This way you will know which team is being favoured most. You can either choose to bet on that team or go for the underdog. The stakes are high when you choose the second option.

You need to take a decision which you feel is right only after carefully going through all the steps mentioned above.