Top Online Darts Betting Sites of 2018

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How to win at darts betting?

Darts is a traditional pub game played in Britain and in a growing number of other countries around the world. The game involves throwing of small missiles called darts at a circular board which is fixed to the wall as a result you will gain the points scored, you will also have 3 attempts when throwing the darts. Darts as a game has received the status of a professional sport and is played according to a fixed set of rules. There are specific board designs too. It is a target sport which requires individual players to throw darts at the accurate spots on the board in order to gain points. Darts betting is slowly catching up as the number of tournaments are on the rise.

There are many online sports betting sites which also provide the option of betting on darts games. Darts is a game of skill which demands complete concentration on the part of the player because he or she needs to throw the dart at the correct angle for it to land in the expected position. Darts championships are televised so the game gets more exposure and the bookies get a better chance of observing the game and therefore provide high odds for punters to bet on it. Online betting allows you to bet on any game taking place in the world. This means there are a lot of chances of betting and making a profit. However, you need to know the right place to start from.

Where to look for online darts betting options?

Most of all you are at the right place if you want to find the best online betting options for darts. At Betting Offers Today, we provide you with top betting sites that are worldwide leaders in the industry. You can go through all the offers and check out the betting odds of a particular match. There are some things which you should definitely check before taking a decision.

First of all you should see the number of betting markets the site offers, the competitiveness of the betting odds and the facility of getting a live stream of the match. The greatest online bookmakers who provide these facilities are generally more professional and reliable because they make the betting process easy and favourable for you. Furthermore they provide great customer service followed by top betting bonuses.

How to bet on darts?

The game of darts requires the player to throw three darts during each visit to the board. The aim is to reduce the starting score of 701, 501 or 301 to zero. The final dart should hit either the bulls eye or a double segment of the dart board. If the player’s score reaches zero without hitting a double, the player’s score is reset to that turn’s starting score and the remainder of the turn being forfeited is also added to it. This is called going bust.

A typical darts match contains sets and each set contains a fixed number of games called legs which the players aim to win. The players need to throw a minimum of nine darts to complete a leg of 501 points. There are plenty of betting options. You can go for the same old straight match betting where you can predict the winner of a match. You can go for something new like correct score betting which requires you to predict the final score of a player. There is the option of betting on the total 180s or the maximum 180s scored in a match.

Handicap betting is popular for darts betting too where you have to specify a number and the player has to score below it. The method of finishing a game is another avenue for betting. You can predict whether a player will have a nine-dart finish or a 170 finish. The final double score of a player can be guessed. The online bookmakers offer you the option of guessing the best scoring average and the highest checkout of a player or a match.

New darts betting sites

Betting sites lure new members with many special offers like pre and post-match value enhancement of bets and money back options if a bet is won. You should also check out the latest data on player rankings and results so that you know which player has a better chance of winning the next match. Head-to-head results of the two players of a match should be looked at so that you are aware of their playing history.

Major darts tournaments

There are two professional darts organisations- the BDO and the PDC. The British Darts Organisation is the older of the two. The Professional Darts Corporation was formed after some members broke away from the BDO. The PDC is offers huge prize money to its champions and is responsible for making darts a glamorous and popular sport. Both the BDO and the PDC organise World Professional Championship events every year – usually in December. The BDO also organises the World Masters and many other Open tournaments.

PDC hosts the Premier League, World Grand Prix, UK Open, World Matchplay and the Grand Slam of Darts too. The PDC World Cup of Darts is another famous event for darts betting. All these matches are broadcast live on the television which makes it very easy for punters to bet on them.

The latest winners of BDO and PDC Darts championships are Glen Durrant and Michael van Gerwen respectively in 2017. This indicates that these two players are going to be favourites for the following tournaments. Every year you should look at the previous winners.

Things to look out for

There are plenty of offers and promotional benefits provided by online bookmakers. However, you should first decide which match you want to bet on and then check the bets offered by bookies on that match. A top bet are those which give you a chance to get good value for your money because you should always search for the best offers avaliable. You should compare the betting sites for the best betting odds and choose the top bet.

Darts betting is very exciting if you go for the in-game betting option. Betting is a good way to participate in a darts game and experience the thrill of the ongoing action on screen. You should do your research and select the best betting site in order to win at darts betting. Check out our recommended bookies offers above.