Top Online Boxing Betting Sites of 2018

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What are the steps involved in Boxing betting?

Boxing matches are very exciting and gruesome because of their physical nature. The adrenaline rush that accompanies a boxing match is a very compelling force and if you put a bet on the match-up then the excitement is instantly doubled. There is no guarantee as to who is going to win because at any point the underdog can do something unexpected and win in a second. Boxing is a combative game which requires fighters to throw punches at each other and defend themselves for a period of three minutes in every round.

There are two types of boxing matches – amateur and professional. Amateur boxing is meant for beginners and typically consists of three rounds of three minutes each. Professional boxing is meant for those who are experienced and trained. These matches include up to twelve rounds of three minutes each. Before betting on boxing, you should be aware of which kind of match are you betting on. There are many betting sites for boxing but at Betting Offers Today, we provide you with the top betting sites so that you can get the best offers and the best deals. You get to compare betting sites and choose the one which gives you the best value for your money. There are certain steps which you should follow to make a profit while betting on boxing.


Boxing betting is a great way to furthermore increase the adrenalin when watching the live fight. The first step is to select a match to bet on. There are international matches conducted by the World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC), World Boxing Organisation (WBO) and the International Boxing Federation. You should take your time to research which boxing match you are going to bet on and who you will chose as your winner.


After selecting the match you want to bet on, the next step is to find an online bookmaker who is offering bets on that match. You should compare the offers on the same bet and select the bookmaker who offers you the best return on your money. There are so many betting sites provided by us that you can easily find a bookmaker with an offer that suits your budget and expectation.


The third step is to select the player who you wish to bet on in the match, in boxing betting you should know your fighter. This selection process should be based on certain criteria. The player who is more aggressive has a better chance of winning. There are various styles of fighting. The out-fighter is the one who strategically defeats the opponent with the help of long range but weaker punches. These players tend to win on the basis of point decisions rather than knockouts. If you want to place point bets, then these are the players to look out for.

The other main type of boxer are ones that punch at a close range and combine technique with power. They look to wear their opponents down with strong punches and then move in for the final knockout blow. If you want to bet on knockouts, then you should bet on these types of boxers.

The counter punchers are defensive fighters who take advantage of the opponent’s mistakes caused by frustration of not being able to hit. The counter punchers then move in and knockout the aggressive opponent easily. Usually such defensive fighters are considered to be underdogs while fighting against aggressive players. However, the defensive technique requires skill and if executed correctly, can lead the counter puncher to victory. If you think that a defensive fighter has a chance of winning, then you can bet on this player because the betting odds are long and the returns are greater. You need to observe the player first and then bet while the match is in play.

Who will win the boxing match?

There are brawlers or sluggers too who favour continuous beat downs with one hand instead of using combination punching. They tend to throw slow and powerful punches. They are usually vulnerable to counter punches but if their ability to absorb punishment is high, then they have a good chance of winning. You should check out the performance history of such players before betting on them to see how many matches they have won by fighting in that style.

The final type is the swarmer or the in-fighter. These players fight very closely with the opponent and deliver short and powerful undercut jabs and punches. Their main strength is non-stop aggression. They avoid punches and get under the opponent’s defence to strike hard.

The different styles of boxing have advantages over each other, but other factors like skills and training do play important roles in determining the outcome. Therefore, always betting on the favourites to win is not so simple. Remember to always take the opponent’s strengths into consideration.


When the selection of the player is over, the next step is to place a bet on your chosen winner. There are various types of bets and betting offers available. The most common is the money-line odds in which you have to wager on the final outcome of a match before the match begins. This can be a risk and sometimes difficult to predict but the betting odds are higher and the chances of making a profit increase. You should be sure about your stake before placing your bets.

The over and under method is also applicable to boxing betting. The total score in boxing is decided on the basis of the number of rounds for which a match is played and not on the number of punches or technique of the players. A typical match includes nine to twelve rounds. You have to guess whether the number of rounds played will be over or under a particular figure.

Betters also get the option of betting on the way in which a match is won. The match can be won either through a knockout or through the decision of the judges. You can bet on the method of winning by looking at the winning player’s style and bet on live in-play matches.

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